The Volcano Temperature Guide

The Volcano comes with a wide range of temperature settings, allowing you to customize your vaping experience.

How to Best Use Your Volcano

Adjusting the temperature can change the flavor of your vapor, the potency of the effects and the thickness of the clouds. To get the best use of your Volcano, follow these steps:

  • 3 x Spare Screens
  • Turn the unit on and allow it to heat up. This will take 3-5 minutes.
  • Choose your desired temperature.
  • Grind your herb.
  • Fill the chamber and insert the chamber insert.
  • If your control lamp is off, preheat the substance.
  • Otherwise, click the valve balloon into place on the filling chamber.
  • Remove the balloon once the bag is at your desired fullness.
  • Detach the valve balloon.
  • Click the mouthpiece into the valve balloon.
  • Press your lips on the valve and enjoy!
Consistent, convection heat provides an evenly vaped herbed to offer users full extraction and flavorful draws.

Why Temperature is So Important

Optimal Vaporizer Temperature Chart with ranges

Having quality material and a quality vaporizer is important if you want the best vaping experience. But neither of these things will mean anything if you get your temperature settings wrong.

Choosing the right temperature is crucial when vaping herb.

Here's why:

  • If the temperature is too low, you’ll miss out on some therapeutic effects and flavor. You won’t experience the full potential of your herb if you’re not choosing a high enough temperature.

  • If the temperature is too high (e.g., 446F+), it can degrade the active substances in the herb, including the terpenes and cannabinoids. Excessively high temperatures also degrade the flavor significantly.

Here’s what you need to know about boiling points for the compounds in cannabis:

  1. Cannabinoids have boiling points ranging from 314F to 428F. CBD has a boiling point of 338F, and the vaporization temp of THC is about 314F.
  2. Terpenes have boiling points ranging from 266F to 471F.
  3. Flavonoids have boiling points ranging from 273F to 482F.

Additional Tips Beyond Adjusting The Temps

volcano vaporizer temperature chart

If you’ve used a vaporizer in the past, you’ll find that the Volcano isn’t much different in terms of setup. The internal engineering is different, but it’s a user-friendly vaporizer that most people will have an easy time using.

Here are some other helpful tips to make the most out of your Volcano:

Remove the Filling Chamber When It’s Not in Use

It’s easy to forget about your material once you remove your balloon, but taking a second to remove the filling chamber can help you maximize your herb.

If you keep the filling chamber on, the heat from the Volcano will continue to heat and degrade whatever herb is left.

Use the Included Grinder

Your Volcano comes with a grinder that’s meant for use with this vaporizer. Use it.

It may be tempting to buy another grinder, but the Volcano will work best when you use the two-piece grinder that’s included because it will help you achieve the perfect consistency.

Fill the Chamber Properly for Better Density and Flavor

The Volcano’s filling chamber gives you some flexibility when it comes to dosing, but the Easy Valve isn’t so forgiving.

If you want to take full advantage of the filling chamber’s flexibility, you have a few options:

  • Use a liquid pad in the chamber to fill in the excess space.
  • Use the dosing capsules sold by Storz & Bickel.

Filling the chamber properly will ensure you have the best vaping experience possible.

Volcano Classic Temperature Chart

volcano classic temperature chart

Now that you have a better understanding of how temperature affects the cannabinoids, flavonoid and terpenes in cannabis, you may be wondering which temperature setting you should choose on your Volcano Classic.

Here’s a helpful chart of the Volcano Classic temperature settings:

Dial Number Temperature (F*)
1 266
2 288
3 309
4 331
5 352
6 374
7 396
8 417
9 439

Volcano Hybrid Temperature Settings

best temp for volcano

A key advantage of the Volcano Hybrid edition is that it offers more precise temperature control and a wide range of temperatures: 104F-446F. The unit’s default temperature is 356F, and you likely won’t need to use any of the settings below 350F for cannabis.

The lower temp range is great for other herbs and aromatherapy

The best temperature for Volcano Hybrid will depend on your desired effects.

Remember that with the Hybrid, you have more precise control over the temperature setting.

Here are some temperatures to experiment with:

For dry weed: 360F if you want to maximize flavor and 370F if you want more potent effects.

For concentrates: 365F for the best flavor and 390F for the most potent effects.

Experiment with different temperature settings with your Hybrid to find the one that works best for you.

You may find that you prefer temperatures that are lower or higher than the ones recommended here. However, it’s typically best to avoid the highest temperature settings, as it can seriously degrade the flavor and effects.

Choosing the Right Temperature Settings for Dry Herb

volcano smoke rig

Choosing the right temperature for dry cannabis herb will depend on your desired effect.

If your goal is to enjoy vapor that’s packed with flavor but not as dense and powerful, then aim for lower temperatures.

Here are some temperatures to start with if you’re using the Volcano and want more flavor:

  • 360F for the Hybrid
  • Dial setting 5 (356F) for the Classic

If you want more potent vapor and thicker clouds, try these settings:

  • 370F for the Hybrid
  • Dial setting 6 (374F) for the Classic

It’s recommended that you don’t go too much higher than these settings because you still risk combustion.

Here are some more temperature settings to try for other dry herbs:

  • Chamomile: 374F
  • Hops Cones: 309F
  • Lemon Balm: 288F
  • Lavender: 266F
  • Thyme: 374F
  • Sage: 374F

Many of these herbs also have beneficial properties, but generally, you want to use these lower temperature settings to preserve their therapeutic effects.

Choosing the Right Temperature Settings for Concentrates

volcano onyx edition

With concentrates, temperatures need to be higher to vaporize properly.

If your goal is to maximize flavor, try the following temperatures:

Here are some temperatures to start with if you’re using the Volcano and want more flavor:

  • 365F for the Hybrid
  • Dial setting 5 (356F) for the Classic

If you want bigger clouds and more potent effects, try the following temperatures:

  • 390F for the Hybrid
  • Dial setting 7 (396F) for the Classic

Again, you want to avoid going too much higher than this temperature setting because you risk combustion and inhaling toxins.
Choosing the Right Temperature for Your Desired Effects

For less anxiety and best flavor: > 356F

For stronger body effects and good flavor: 356F-392F

For heavy body effects and less flavor: < 392F

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