The Plenty Vaporizer

A wide filling chamber, powerful heating and an efficient cooling function provides an impressive flavor.

Thick, tasty vapor that’s smooth and free of resistance is produced thanks to the metal cooling unit on top.
It's serious flavor for a serious vaping session.

Reimagined Filling Chamber

Filling Chamber

A 3.4 cm3 filling chamber provides the optimal surface area for stronger vapor draws.

The helix cooling coil sits atop the chamber to quickly cool the vapor for the smooth, non-resistant airflow wanted in a vaporizer.

Precision Control

Precision Control

Control that is in the user’s hands. Fine-tune temperature controls allow users to adjust temperatures between 266F and 395F.

A wide temperature range enables the user to enjoy thick vapor.

The thermal design and cooling unit keep the vapor cool while traveling to the user.

Long-lasting & Safe


The Plenty utilizes electromechanical functions with a thermometer to display accurate vaporizing temperature.

A bimetallic regulator is inside of the unit to increase user safety along with the automatic shutoff control.

Vape Using Concentrates or Liquids

Vape the way you imagine. The unit accommodates solid concentrates and is liquid compatible to offer the utmost in flexibility to the user.

Operation remains silent throughout, and there’s plenty of room to pack concentrate into the chamber for a flavor-rich vaping session.

How To Use The Plenty


Storz & Bickel takes a unique approach to the whip-style vaporizer. The Plenty gets rid of the silicone whip that users are accustomed to and equips this model with a high-end, stainless steel cooling coil that is able to provide a thick, smooth vapor with immense taste.

Precision temperature controls allow the user to further refine their experience when vaping.

An analog thermometer allows users to be able to view their precision temperature control, with options to adjust the temperatures between 266F and 395F.

Storz & Bickel includes all of the items and accessories consumers need to be able to start vaping immediately when their unit arrives.

The instructions are clear and concise, and the Plenty has taken the steep learning curve out of learning to vape the first time.

Load your blends, select the temperature you want, start the heater and wait for the red light on the front side of the unit to turn off to start cooling off the vapor.

High Tech Design

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The Plenty is Storz & Bickel’s leading vaporizer in terms of thermal engineering.

Engineers have incorporated cutting-edge thermal design concepts into the unit, with a stainless-steel whip that works to cool the vapor as it moves from the unit’s heating chamber to the user’s mouth.

The key design concept prevents the hot air from altering the vapor and aromas, allowing each cloud to be filled with flavor.

There's also a double helix heat exchanger that works to keep the air heating efficient so that the Plenty is able to provide the high-yield vapor that consumers demand from Storz & Bickel.

3-Year Warranty

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Consumers have come to expect Storz & Bickel to provide a high-end quality with each vaporizer.

The Plenty vaporizer embraces quality and first-rate durability starting with top-quality materials.

Silent and lightweight, this model weighs a mere 1.5 pounds and has dimensions of 15.5cm x 22.5cm x 5.5cm, including the power cord.

Storz & Bickel is so confident that their product is the best in the industry that the company provides a 3-year warranty.

Plenty Vaporizer Reviews

The Plenty is one of the industry’s top-rated vaporizers both in the media and by consumers that have switched to the Plenty for a reliable taste.

The Plenty is for the user that has been tied to one location when vaping, but wants to be able to pass a unit around the room or leave it plugged in at the side of the bed.

Consumers have a lot of good things to say about the Plenty vaporizer, and some of the most common talking points revolve around:

plenty vaporizer reviews
The Plenty may have a quirky design and appearance, but give it a try, and you’ll see why consumers use it on a daily basis.

From the thermal design to the large filling chamber, the vaporizer works to produce the consistent, aroma-filled vapor that consumers deserve with their vaporizers.

The Plenty Vaporizer For Sale

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