The Mighty Vaporizer

A first-class, portable vaporizer that’s slightly bigger than pocket-size.

Boasting unparalleled performance, the Mighty Vaporizer is designed to fit in a purse or bag.

Consistent, convection heat provides an evenly vaped herbed to offer users full extraction and flavorful draws.

High-Yield Chamber

Mighty Vaporizer For Sale

The high-yield heating chamber offers 1.4cm2 space for liquids and herbs. A drip pad is provided for convection and conduction heating. The unit also comes dosing capsules along with a Cooling Unit and mouthpiece to deliver consistent, pleasant vapor. Hybrid convection and convention heat allows for temperatures of 104F to 410F.

Storage capacity is 0.25 grams with a stainless-steel heat coating material. Fine grinds allow for additional herb to be packed into the chamber with a maximum capacity of around 0.30 grams.

Haptic feedback is a part of The Mighty Vaporizer’s design by Storz & Bickel, providing feedback to users when the unit has reached optimal temperature for use. Haptic feedback integrates seamlessly with the hybrid heating design to increase temperature accuracy and provide consistent vape quality.

Temperatures reach vaping levels in approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The XL display shows the unit’s temperature, and buttons are placed on the side of the unit for easy control. Different temperatures provide a different level of vaporization making vapor clouds thicker or thinner depending on the setting.

Temperatures are sustained even when the unit is used in colder conditions.

Portable, Compact Design


Portable, the Mighty weighs just 230g and can be slipped into a bag or purse without weighing users down.

The Mighty Vaporizer is one of the industry’s largest portable models.

The vaporizer’s dimensions are:

  • 5.5” height
  • 3.2” length
  • 1.2” depth

This is not a vaporizer that’s designed to be discreet or concealed. It is designed to deliver the highest uality vapor in a portable device.

The Mighty vape provides a stronger draw and better temperature consistency than other portable units. A larger design allows for better battery life and vapor quality than smaller units with convection heating.

The unit’s exterior is designed to remain cool to the touch.

Pass the unit to a friend or place back into a bag when done vaping.

Lithium Ion Battery Power


Dual lithium ion batteries are the go-to power choice for The Mighty.

The dual design offers long-lasting battery life with a consistent strong flavor.

The unit is designed with a two-battery design to provide the power portable vaporizers need for powerful draws.

The Mighty also features a plug-in option with a power adapter.

Users can plug The Mighty into the power outlet and use the unit when the batteries are fully drained.

Battery capacity is rated at 90 minutes with a two-hour charge time.

USB compatible chargers are required.

Temperatures are digitally controlled for precision heating. Battery levels are displayed on an LED display with a battery charge indicator.

2-Year Warranty


Storz & Bickel provides a 2-year warranty for the Mighty.

Warranties are valid for any original vaporizer whether or not purchases were made directly through the official website. Defects that develop due to normal wear or use are not covered under warranty.

Batteries, screens and similar parts are excluded under warranty.

Spare parts are sold on the official online store and are used to replace worn parts that wear during standard usage. Units that have developed a malfunction before the two-year warranty period expires will be required to initiate an RMA on the vaporizer’s official support page.

Initiating an RMA will require the date of purchase, name, address and other personal information to be input into the manufacturer’s main form.

How To Use

Made in Germany by Storz & Bickel , the Mighty+ Vaporizer is designed to be easy to use whether vaping for the first time or the thousandth time.

The Mighty requires the unit’s two batteries to be charged. An LED indicator light displays the battery’s charge level.

how to use

Ease of Use

#1 - Plug the unit directly into a wall outlet for immediate vaping.

#2 - Fill the chamber.

The chamber can be filled with 0.25 grams of herb. Fine herb grinds allow for slightly more herb to be packed into the chamber.

#3 - Adjust temperature to suit your taste.

Tap the precise temperature control buttons on either side of the display to change the unit’s temperature up or down.

Feedback is provided to alert the user when the hybrid chamber has reached the desired temperature setting.

Adjust temperatures to a higher setting for a different taste (if you prefer hot air). The taste of smoke will be present when nearing maximum temperature levels.

Safety features will provide a haptic warning when the vaporizer is about to shutoff. The auto shutoff occurs when the unit is placed down and will initiate shut down after a few minutes.

#4 - Pick the unit up and enjoy vaping.

#5 - Power down and clean.

Cleaning the unit after every use is recommended. A cleaning brush is provided along with several spare parts and a filling aid to help fill the chamber.

Spare parts can be purchased as needed directly from the manufacturer.

mighty vaporizer reviews

Mighty Vaporizer Reviews

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