The Crafty+ Vaporizer

The Crafty was designed for portability and ease of use.

Offering an intuitive design, this dry herb portable vaporizer is popular among users who value portability without sacrificing vapor quality.

Factory settings are optimized for immediate use, but the Remote Control App (available for Android and iOS devices) allows users to adjust the settings to their personal preferences.

German engineering makes The Crafty durable and reliable. The unit is backed by a two-year limited warranty.

Compact and Intuitive Design


Designed for portability, with compact construction that features a minimalistic control system with just a single button.

Small in size, this vaporizer fits comfortably in the palm of the hand.

It’s the most discreet and portable vaporizer in the Storz & Bickel line.

The housing is made of durable plastic for long-lasting use.

Once The Crafty’s filling chamber is loaded, the device can be turned on by holding down the button until the unit vibrates. Once the set temperature is reached, the LED light will turn green and the unit will vibrate again.

Boost Mode, which has a higher temperature, can be activated by simply pressing the power button twice in a row.

Portable, Compact DesignFilling Chamber and Mouthpiece


The Crafty features a 1.4-cm³ filling chamber that can be used for dry herbs.

Liquids can be used with the additional Drip Pad, sold separately.

The vaporizer’s cooling unit has an adjustable mouthpiece which helps optimize the flavor and produces pleasant vapor.

The vaporizer’s dimensions are:

  • 4.3” height
  • 2.2” length
  • 1.3” depth

Combination Convection & Conduction Heating System

The vaporizer functions using a convection heating system combined with conduction.

Convection heating works by heating dry herbs with hot air, which extracts the aromas, flavors and effects without combusting the herb.

The conduction heating helps speed up the heating process to deliver vapor faster than conduction.

Crafty user reviews are nearly 100% positive, due primarily because of the device’s portable size, intuitive design and ease of use.

Crafty vs Mighty

Crafty vs Mighty size

Storz & Bickel describes The Crafty as The Mighty’s little brother.

Both vaporizers are designed for portability, but The Mighty boasts a larger size and weight.

The Crafty: 2.2” W x 4.3” H x 1.3” D; 0.3lb

The Mighty: 3.2” W x 5.5” H x 1.2” D; 0.5lb

Both vaporizers have a two-hour recharge time, but The Mighty requires two lithium batteries instead of one with The Crafty.

The Mighty allows users to operate the vaporizer even when the batteries are depleted, but this functionality is not available with The Crafty.

In addition to size and batteries, The Mighty also offers more in terms of functionality. The temperature can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons on the vaporizer itself. The LED display also makes the temperature visible.

The Crafty comes with factory-optimized temperatures that can only be adjusted via the smartphone app.

Temperature ranges are the same for both vaporizers: 104°F to 410°F.

Both vaporizers also use a combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction heating. They both have the same size filling chamber and the same airflow output. Both have an automatic shutoff timer, but The Crafty’s is one minute and The Mighty’s is two minutes.

The Mighty cannot be controlled via the smartphone app, so users have some more flexibility when using The Crafty.

However, users gain the ability to adjust The Mighty’s temperature directly from the device itself. The Mighty also comes at a higher price than The Crafty.

2-Year Warranty

crafty vape warranty

Storz & Bickel provides a 2-year warranty for the Crafty.

Warranties are valid for any original vaporizer whether or not purchases were made directly through the official website. Defects that develop due to normal wear or use are not covered under warranty.

Batteries, screens and similar parts are excluded under warranty.

Spare parts are sold on the official online store and are used to replace worn parts that wear during standard usage. Units that have developed a malfunction before the two-year warranty period expires will be required to initiate an RMA on the vaporizer’s official support page.

Initiating an RMA will require the date of purchase, name, address and other personal information to be input into the manufacturer’s main form.

Storz & Bickel App

how to use

The Crafty’s factory settings are already optimized for immediate use.

However, users can adjust the vaporizer’s settings using the Storz & Bickel app.

Smartphone use is not required, but it gives the user more control over the vaporizer’s settings.

The app controls The Crafty via Bluetooth, giving users the option to:

  • Adjust the LED brightness
  • Change the Basic and Booster temperature settings
  • Check the battery status
  • Turn the vibration signal on or off
  • Check the operating time
  • Locate The Crafty if it gets lost
  • Personalize alarm tones

The Basic temperature is 356°F, while the Booster temperature is 383°F.

crafty + vaporizer

What’s Inside the Box?

  • The Crafty vaporizer
  • Power adapter and USB cable
  • 3 x spare screens
  • 1 x dosing capsule
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
crafty vaporizer reviews

Crafty Vaporizer Reviews

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